Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Other News

My poor, sad, neglected blog. I started with such lofty intentions. The execution may have fallen short, but the ambition is still there... So here's what else I've been working on. Some of it writing, some of it organizing, and some of it housekeeping....

I am blogging now regularly for The Mommy Docs - a trio of ob/gyns from LA who wrote a book (which placed 7th on the Preeclampsia Foundation Top 10). They were also on the show Deliver Me on the OWN network, and are in the works with a new show. I love that the doctors know complicated pregnancies from the inside out - Dr. Allison Hill is a fellow HELLP survivor. And I love that they approach pregnancy and complications from a grounded, reassuring angle. They aren't going to tell you that complications won't happen, but they will tell you what needs to be done and that the odds are still in your favor even if you start trending that way. So visit me at and say hi!

Also, I am working on a documentary with my good friend Anne Garrett Addison. She's a PE sister - and it's amazing how quickly that bond can kick in. The documentary is on maternal mortality and morbidity (that's us close calls, if you were wondering) in the US. We rank 49th in the world in maternal mortality, yet we spend more than any other nation. If you were wondering why health care costs so much... maternity care. We spend more on that than on ANY other area of health care. We should be getting a much better return. The documentary is called Unexpected, because really - NO ONE expects that this will happen to them. And when it does.... So visit us on the web - we're on Facebook and we have our own site We are planning to launch our fundraising campaign very soon - so stay tuned.

I am also organizing the Orange County Promise Walk for Preeclampsia for 2013. It will be on May 18 at Bill Barber Park in Irvine, CA. Why Orange County? Well, though I live in the infamous San Fernando Valley, which is around 60 miles from Irvine - this walk needed a coordinator. It was already established and so I offered to take over. I went last year and it was lovely - so I wanted to make sure that it stayed that way this year as well. I may regret that somewhat as May draws closer, but you never know until you try and it could be awesome. Like totally. Because we all know that every event needs some Valley Girl to truly be tubular.

I'm working freelance and looking for more work. I joined the Y. I'm eating better. So things are looking up. I'm excited for 2013.

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